Corning Incorporated Foundation is the primary philanthropic arm of Corning Incorporated. The programs we support are aligned with the businesses we participate in and with social priorities where we can make a meaningful impact.

We believe in being an active corporate citizen and therefore direct our efforts toward the communities where Corning Incorporated operates, promoting educational and social progress that improves the quality of life for all.

In order to make a true difference, we concentrate our resources where they can do the most good. We support community-based strategic initiatives that benefit the greatest number of people over the longest period of time. We strive to leverage our impact through a strategy of shared social responsibility with other "investors" rather than acting as a single major donor. We also support employees' philanthropic activity through our Matching Gifts Program.

Funding is focused on the following areas of involvement.

We place primary focus on education because it provides a deep and sustainable benefit for the entire community. Improving student performance, especially in science and technology, creates a lifetime of opportunity for both learners and employers.

Cultural Programs
Our support for cultural outreach programs provides the opportunity for creative thinking, innovation and enrichment.

We respond in a meaningful way to the relevant needs and priorities of our local communities, funding programs that make a long-lasting social or economic impact.

Health and Human Services
Partnering with selected United Ways, we provide support for programs that protect the health of our community members and deliver a wide range of human services that improve the quality of life.

Disaster Relief
When major disaster strikes, we play a role in helping our communities through relief and recovery efforts.

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