Health and Human Services

Corning Incorporated Foundation believes it is extremely important for basic health and human services to be available to all members of communities where Corning Incorporated is an active corporate citizen. Consequently, support for local United Ways is a major part of the Foundation's program of giving.

United Way volunteers at work in the regions carefully assess, prioritize and respond to the most pressing needs for health, security and self-sufficiency. Their careful approach and accountability have made them central to the Foundation's local community service grants.

Due to limited resources, it is unlikely that members of Foundation-assisted United Ways will receive individual direct grants. Occasionally, however, the Foundation will participate in special fund-raising campaigns conducted by community agencies for specific, one-time projects that will provide a significant benefit to the local area, typically for major equipment purchases or facilities renovations. Before approaching the Foundation with this type of request, the agency must notify the United Way with which it is associated.

Through the United Way, resources to meet the most urgent basic needs become available to all members of a community.